Michael Keeley Cornerstone Research: PRACTICE DETAILS


Corporate Transactions

Cornerstone Research has worked on valuation matters involving such issues as mergers and acquisitions of public or private companies, initial public offerings, private placements, and going-private transactions.

Specific Securities and Stakes

We have experience in the valuation of warrants, options, debt instruments, and convertible and preferred securities. Cornerstone Research staff have also evaluated specific interests in both public and private firms, such as minority shareholder interests.

Specific Business Assets

With our expertise in areas such as securities and intellectual property, we can provide our clients with practical approaches to the valuation of specific assets, including patents, product lines, operating divisions, and subsidiaries.

Agreements and Contracts

Our consultants have used sophisticated techniques, such as Monte Carlo simulations, to value non-compete agreements, technology development agreements, joint venture agreements, and supply and purchase agreements, among others.

Corporate Restructurings

Cornerstone Research’s valuation expertise encompasses matters arising from corporate restructurings, such as reorganizations, bankruptcies, solvency opinions, divestitures, and buyouts.

Michael Keeley provides economic, financial, and statistical consulting and expert testimony.


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